Worlds Greatest Shave

This time last year I took part in the Worlds greatest shave!

It was a last minute decision in November 2013 I was trying to think of a new way to raise money for a charity. Every year I have picked something different; for example 2012 I participated in my first half marathon and raised money for Starlight children’s foundation. This time round I was feeling bold and wanted to test myself and raise more funds then before.

Before shave! 2014


I was very fortunate to have had a great group of friends and family who all donated and spread awareness of the day! I ended raising over $2000 for the Leukaemia foundation which was triple the amount I aimed for. I had planned to shave on a particular day but I just could not wait so did it a day earlier!

Mum crying for my hair

As a promise to my soccer team at Northbridge I was to get a mullet in the process of the shave! Here is my short version before the final buzz.

First a mullet
First a mullet

To say it was easy would be a lie. I had months of preparation mentally and I honestly thought ‘its just hair, itll grow back’. Its a nervous yet exciting process watching your hair fall from your shoulders onto the floor in 5 minutes. It also gave me perspective into the lives of those who have no choice but to lose their hair due to illness. Having such a great group of people around me made it more worthwhile.


I shaved my head to a number 3 on the clippers due to hairdresser recommendations and comfort. It was the first time since I was born that I had had my hair that short again. It was a great free feeling of euphoria that overwhelmed me in my first week and I walked around with the biggest smile and pride.

I have tried to take progress shots of my hair every month to look back and see the change. I did not have my hair cut until 11 months after the save when it was time for a tidy trim.

Month one:


Month two:


Month three:


Month four:


Month Five:


Month six:


Month Seven:


I had my messy hair days!!

Month eight:


The mullet was starting to make a come back :/ eep.

Month nine:


I could finally put my hair into a little pony tail! woohoo! with plenty of bobby pins but it still works.

Month ten:


Month eleven:


Starting to be very long at the back while my sides tried to catch up. It was time for a chop!


This is me pre-hair cut time!

One year shot! (after trim)


I was told my hair grows faster then most and I grew approximately 15-18cm in a year!

To say that this experience of growing back my hair has been… challenging would be the best word to describe it. I had my ups and low points. The low points were feeling self conscious when I started to have a ‘dudes’ look and not feeling feminine enough. Anyone that knows me would always find me in my sweats or any type of sports clothes and non revealing styles. I am your typical tom boy and although my hair empowered me it also became my weakness. I would have days where i did not want to look in the mirror and be reminded i had little to no hair. However It made me grateful that i was growing it back and not enduring rounds of chemotherapy, which snapped me back into reality very quick.

There was one occasion where i was mistaken to be unwell. I was at the bank only a week after the shave and i was wearing the pink bandana that my boyfriend had bought me from the cricket. The lady that served me had a very sympathetic approach and although i felt valued i also felt pitied…i felt very sad afterwards and thought to myself ‘ how would others feel everyday having to be viewed in that light, and im not even sick’. I, just like every other woman want to be seen as a strong and brave person and having someone make you feel less or weak is just not comprehendible. This is how i felt walking out of the bank, i did not have the words at the time to kindly tell her i did the Worlds greatest shave. Therefore after that day i wore a different bandana in the hopes of not being pitied again.

I tried my best to embrace all types of styles as i grew my hair back; spiked, slicked back, comb over, towel dry and leave look, the just got out of bed style, bobby pin central, mini ponytail, and many more weird and wonderful do’s. I would like to thank all that put up with me over this long year especially the ones i nagged about having ‘no hair’ when clearly i did. My view of having no hair was not having hair as long as i did. Even though having little to no hair had its positives especially the time i had to do other things then was, dry and style my locks. I however over time missed being able to wear a braid or have my hair curled for a special occasion, it felt like a missing part of who i am.

To end on a great note! If you are all inspired after reading this i hope you take the plunge and participate in the next Worlds greatest shave! If its not your style you can still do your part and jump onto World greatest shave and donate or sponsor someone doing the shave!!

Please feel free to share my story if you wish or link my blog.


Girl with a bob


3 thoughts on “Worlds Greatest Shave

  1. Brilliant blog! your hair grows remarkably fast! I cut my hair and donated it to a wig making charity aswell so it’s great to see someone do something similar 🙂 My blog is also my growth progress over the past year (yet to do a time line but will be writing one in the next few days) so please check my blog out too! I also have hair growth tips and a post on when I experimented with self cleaning hair 🙂 thank you 🙂


  2. Welcome to Geo’s 299’s… I definitely see a 299 in your hair raising story! So often today people especially older ones, would rather write a check then get personally involved! What a breath of fresh air to see a young person taking their cause and support personal! As for career dilemmas, may I offer the suggestion that you find something you love to do, then it is never work! Starting out doing anything is always rough especially something you might find yourself doing for the next thirty years, but a very wise person once told me the teacher will arrive when the student is ready… Best of luck…


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