Vacation fitness

Hello fellow bloggers I thought it was time I posted my first fitness post. This first one comes to you as I am away at my grandparents down south. The weather has been overcast and not very pleasant but has also blessed us with perfect temperature to work out in. Its a Sunday morning which for many is a rest day but for me it will eventually be soccer season therefore its game day. As I went to sleep last night I promised myself I would get up and start the day correctly, which is get the exercising done.

This post is to also show you that no matter where you are or how ever little equipment you have, it does not limit a good workout.

Equipment: Resistance Bike Space Towel Myself

Time: 25-30 minutes

Warm up – Resistance bike – 5 minutes


Intervals 1:1 (30 seconds High intensity: 30 seconds rest/low intensity)

Modified plank – 10x get ups each arm then swap





Squat to lunge – one squat followed by a lunge each leg 10x



Superman plank – 10x hold for 5 seconds each



Wall sit – 1 minute


Russian twists – 45 seconds


Burpees – 10x




Repeat all

As you can see its not about fancy equipment or clothes for that matter. I am a qualified personal trainer and have worked in the female fitness industry for 3 years. I have seen and heard many pre- conceptual ideas of what is healthy so I will share my thoughts. Healthy should be defined by each individual as we are all unique, for instance, I will take myself for example.

Personal profile
Weight: 55.4kg
Height: 1.67cm
calorie intake: I don’t count Supplements: None Diet: balanced diet Age: 22
Sports: Softball, touch football, soccer
Medical: Mild exercise induced asthma, peanut allergy
Physical medical history: cortisone interjected R ankle (2011 & 2013), anterior pelvis tilt, high arches, lordosis (therefore weak core), slight kyphosis (poor posture and shoulders).

All these attributes do not make me a perfect person but I have taken steps to be the best I can be and manage with what I have. Physically I am fit and working towards strengthening my weaknesses and imbalances. I am not blessed with tall long-legs like many fitness females are. I do not have a thigh gap, my thighs touch and are strong for what they are used for- jumping, kicking and sprinting. I am happy with my figure as I have grown into a young woman. I used to have skinny legs and a small petite figure up until age 14 when my hips changed and I developed more muscle and ultimately that is where my fat is stored on my body- butt and thighs. I have always had a nice torso but I also have a weak core, it may look strong but it is just aesthetics at the moment. I have small arms but I believe they are stronger then they look.

I am making the best version of me. So don’t beat yourself up by stalking and wishing you looked like Sheridan Fisher or a Victoria Secret model. Get off instagram pages that make you long to look like someone else. We are all guilty of feeling this way and longing to know what its like to look exactly like that person. Look at photos of you and smile at a time you felt and enjoyed yourself and promise yourself you will get back to the healthy glow. If you need that helping hand sit down and write a list of the things you are unhappy about, for example, I wish I could have better toned definition in my quadricep muscles. I know this will take many months of weights and determination to get anywhere near the goal I have set myself.

So go out there and be the woman or man you want to be not because someone told you too….because you WANT TO BE!!

Get up and get out of your comfort zone.

Girl with no thigh gap 🙂


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