Hear me- I cried wolf.

Help me, I feel stuck, and feel left behind. I look around me and everyone is too pleasant to disturb. I cant ask for help but I need it. I dont know how to help myself nor do others know. The fact of having someone care and know you need it helps in itself. You feel like someone, anybody. Where is my last life I lived? The one where I was happy and enjoyed everything in my day, even times where I am alone. Now I cant stand to be alone…yet I put myself here in the fear of ruining someone elses happiness. Wishing I had someone that could read me like you used to. A radar that goes off when I am in need without me having to try push the button. The guilt I hold inside as I send the siren off…little do you all know. I hear too many people say they dont know what to say to me. When I practically tell them the answer in my blab. Letting yourself get the best of you really is a game changer. You second guess everything you desire, love and want. Your future seems miles away and sometimes time feels like your worst enemy. You wish humans hibernate just to reach the day you will feel yourself again. Why cant I just enjoy life as it is now?

Girl who cried wolf


2 thoughts on “Hear me- I cried wolf.

  1. Hello gorgeous! I love this post. Very raw and relate able. Please know that you are not alone. I am howling at the moon right along with you. How both limiting and admittedly liberating it is to be alone. Yet the desire for human companionship is so intense. Also missing the person you used to be is universal. I believe we all have nostalgia for the person we once were, the seemingly care free and happier version of Us. Don’t let yourself be blinded! You are so beautiful because of both the happy and sad seasons. Cheers to the journey, both the crooked and the straight paths.


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