A good book to escape reality

Im not a massive reader myself but i would clasify myself as one in phases. These phases rely upon – 1: A book i cannot put down! 2: I have the energy and time to sit and read 3: my current mood (ofcourse). I love finding a great story that creates another world i can vision and emerse myself into. That to me yells out GREAT BOOK! I am however a little cautionary when branching into a new author. So far i havent found a bad read but i do know what genres of books i like to read. For instance i love biographies but i have found one that just bored me and only made two chapters in (i wont mention who’s it was).

I have been reading DIana gabaldons Outlander series. This series was written many years ago and i was introduced to them and only read first two books before having a long nonreading phase. THe outlander series then came out on tv and it reminded me to keep reading this series i have come to LOVE! I am hooked and am so facinated by the depth Diana has gone to in historical facts tied in with her characters. I am currently upto the sixth book – A breath of snow and ashes. I have read reviews it in one of the best books yet! They take me longer to read then most books only because all of the content and characters i try to take in and remember small details that may come up later. It has also sparked a longing to go and see Scotland in all its beauty, and look more into my family history/ancestors who are both from Scotland and Ireland origin.

I recommend the read for anyone wanting a great story 10/10 from me and the vision that the books create in your mind are exactly what i expected wth the tv series, which has been depicted beautifully. You will fall in love with James Fraser and Claire Beauchamp (Fraser) and their epic love story, and all the horrid treachery and turmoil the Scottish clans had to live through in the late 1700’s and ultimately the Battle of Culloden. I have not only learnt so much from this series but by reading more through other authors about this particular test in time for both the Scottish highlanders and the British soldiers is simply jaw dropping stuff.

Happy reading! I am going back to escape reality a little longer and get back to the 1700’s 🙂


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