Travel makes the mind wonder

All of us experience the thrill and excitement in the lead up to holidays or going new places. The Great Escape can either be planned months in advance or a spontaneous get away. From both experiences either method is very therapeutic and you find yourself again-refreshed. Then it is time to go back to reality which if your anything like me,  feels like it comes to soon,  and your holidays in a flash are gone.

You return from your break and start work to discover you left your heart in holiday mode. You long for the next escape and try to find a way to it sooner rather than later. What’s stopping me from traveling the world?  … Money!

They say money doesn’t but happiness,  well it certainly does buy experiences that make you content and wiser. Travel is one of those experiences you need money for.  Flights are not getting any cheaper these days.  If your Australian it’s a struggle to fly anywhere thats remotely ancient or culturally rich.

We live in a beautiful country but being far away has its pros and cons.  One of those cons is airfare to anywhere.  Many may read and think what are you thinking,  airfare is inexpensive. I have news for you in my world and my current post-University state is a whole month woth of saving away in a casual job just to FLY! 

I cant afford to visit the other side of the world to see and support my other half due to the expensive exchange rate to pounds for our dollar let alone the flight to get there.


Its hard to wait 6 months. We are half way now and its exhausting some days are so hard to not have my bestfriend here to talk to. Skype is a great way to stay connected but its been hard to use it as you just miss the person on the other end so much.

My official countdown is on its 94 days today many might look at that and say thats not long.  In my eyes and in my life at this time its a challenge its hard, I try my best everyday to be busy and just get through. No one understands how hard it is.

I’ve gone slightly afar from my point today but it is the travel bug that I have and it cannot be fuelled without money.